Hilleberg Enan, first impressions

I’m finally back in Sweden and at last I could get my hands on my newest purchase, the Hilleberg Enan. I bought the 2016-version with V-pegs and the stronger (but heavier) Kerlon 1000 fabric.

This will not be a review but merely my first thoughts of it, as I’ve only done a test-pitch.

The tent and the foot-print

When I first unpacked the box with the tent and the foot-print I was surprised how dark the green in the flysheet was. The bag, made by the same material, looked almost black. The tent came in one bag, and the foot-print in another bag. I plan to keep the footprint on at all times, and therefor flipped the tent over, and attached the foot-print.

The tent laid out, with the foot-print just attached

I pitched the tent as the instructionvideo tell you to do it. It was easy to set it up. I was kind of in a hurry, so I didn’t have time to fine-tune it. The was an information-booklet included with lots of pictures showing the complete pitching-process. But if you’ve pitched a tunnel-tent before it really isn’t a big deal.

The tent fully pitched
Inner-tent with the mesh door, and the vestibule with the foot-print

As I said I was in a hurry so I just had time to set the tent up, and then put it down again. But first impressions are good. It seems like a solid tent. The flyshet feels thin as a butterfly-wing, but I’ve done a tear-test on a sample of the fabric, and it is really tough. I can’t wait to try this tent for real. Due to work I probably wont have the time for a hike until the first weekend in august. But I’ll update when I’ve tried the tent for real.


2 thoughts on “Hilleberg Enan, first impressions

  1. Michael Roxin

    Saw that u sold the Enan. I have one home for test and the things I don´t like are
    – It packs kind of big 50×10 vs Fjällräven Abisko Lite 1 is 34×14
    – The short ends are not optimal

    What are your impressions?

    I´m thinking of changeing to the New Fjällräven Abisko Lite 1
    – Better room at feet and head (2 small vs 1 for Enan)
    – 1 more vetilation port (in total 3 vs Enan 2)
    – 4 season

    But the weight is 400 g more and thats a bugger.

    Hard to choose.


    1. I really liked the quality feel of it. And it felt larger inside than i thought it would feel. I’m not the tallest guy though with my 177cm 85 kg. I had the foot-print, and with the inner door open it felt quite large inside.
      What I didn’t like though was that the triangular short ends, while it gave the tent a streamlined shape to shed wind, also made it easier for the wind to compress the tent, leaving you with tent fabric massaging either your feet or your face https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r6w5bUDOq0. In general, I like the tent, but I bought a 2-person Mid for different reasons instead (space, weight, one tent both for solo-trips and trips with the kids or the wife). I would recommend Enan though as it’s a really good tent despite it’s shortcomings. I can’t really say anything about the Abisko Lite 1 as I haven’t had any personal experience of it, but I did consider both that and Hilleberg Akto, especially after a whole night of tent fabric in my face. The short ends on both Akto and Abisko should be able to handle more wind without compromising tent space. It’s hard to tell if it’s worth the extra 400 grams, and for me it would depend on whether I would use it a lot in exposed areas or not. I guess a lot of it comes down to personal preference.


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