What happened to Småland Outdoor?

Well, I didn’t die, but it almost feels like the website did. But I’m still here, even though I unfortunately haven’t written anything in a long while. I’ve had my hand full , both privately and professionally, and I haven’t gotten out on any trips lately. The last trip I went to was the Jotunheimen-trip in August-September. It’s one and a half month ago, and I can’t wait to get back out again. As usual I feel the itch in me to get a night in a tent.

I’ve been on my way out the last two weekends, but canceled for different reasons both times. Last Friday I was on my way to Utnäsudden, at the north end of the lake Åsnen. There weren’t any trails there, and I planned to bushwhack (without whacking any actual bushes) to a nice place outside of the nature reserve. Setting up tents inside the reserve is prohibited.

The reason for me to cancel the trip last weekend was that when I was halfway to Utnäsudden I remembered that it was the first week of the annual moose hunt. In Sweden this is a pretty big deal. A lot of hunters take vacation this week, and the woods are littered with hunters. Not the best time to bushwhack private lands and sleep in a moss green tent.

This weekend I’ll hopefully make it out though. Since it’s been so long since my last trip I decided to do a full weekend, with a Friday to Sunday-trip. I’ve planned to go to Tiveden national park, which is roughly a three hour drive. Camping inside the park is prohibited, but there are nice areas surrounding the park. I’ve been there before, and it’s a pretty small park so I’ll probably take it easy. Set up camp early and have long slow mornings.

On another note, I got to speak to the significant others of two of my wifes friends. Apparently all three of us had an interest in hiking, and all of us had thought about hiking the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland. It might have been the beer talking, but we decided that I’d do some research about the trail and prices for tickets etc, and made a preliminary plan to hike it next summer. I had planned to hike it solo the summer of 2017 or 2018, but it would be great to hike in a group. We’ll see how it plays out.

2 thoughts on “What happened to Småland Outdoor?

  1. Yeah I read about that 🙂 It wasn’t until I had passed a number of pickup-trucks, 4wd and guys in camo that I realized what week it was. I guess the risks aren’t that high, but I’ve heard too many stories about half-blind, half-senile old guys taking the gun out during the moose-hunt to wanna risk it 🙂


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