Adventure Archives, my favorite YouTube-channel

There are a bunch of YouTube-channels I regularly watch. Outdoor Adventures, Sintax77 and Burly Outdoors are a few of them. These are the traditional style hiking videos, with one guy filming, most of the time while walking. I like all of them, especially Outdoor Adventures.

But my no. 1 favorite channel so far is Adventure Archives. Adventure Archives is three, sometimes four guys, making one hour long films about once every other month. Anyone who’ve read my blog for a while knows that I’m somewhat of a gram geek and a gear junkie. Adventure Archives is the strait opposite of this, and I guess that’s part of what I like about it.

Adventure Archives is really nothing about gear or weight. If you’re an UL hiker, it might seem sacrilegious to carry food it heavy glass jars and carry tin canned food. But their films are more about the core of hiking, more about the spiritual part and the connection to nature instead of focusing on what we wear and what we carry while in nature. (I really like videos that focus on the gear-part too 🙂 )

The filming itself is very professionally done, and they seem to haul a ton of filming gear each episode. But it’s done in high quality, both technically and esthetically. They also have narration in the films that really adds to the quality and the feeling. They also make their own soundtrack, which has a sort of Final Fantasy VII vibe to it.

If you have to have spectacular views, like the High Sierras, Jotunheimen or Alaska to like a hiking video, these films might not be your cup of tea. But I do recommend them, and these guys can really show the beauty of nature even on shorter hikes.

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