Hiking trail bucket list

There are quite a few hiking trails and places that I hope and plan to hike someday. The shorter ones are easier to combine with family life, while others will have to wait until the kids are grown up, or at least until my youngest are old enough to come with me. Anyways, here’s my list. Please comment with your own bucket list. Any advice on more trails are welcome 🙂

Jämtlandstriangeln between the mountain stations Storulvån, Sylarna and Blåhammaren. A 46 km long trail and should take around 3 days to complete. Maybe I’ll be able to get here next year.

Gr 20 in Corsica, known as the toughest long distance  trail in Europe. The 180 km long trail traverses the island north to south across the mountains. From videos I’ve seen it seems to be a pretty tough hike, but the trail is supposed to be well marked. Depending on the speed, it should take somewhere between 9 to 12 days. Cam Honan wrote a quick-guide to this trail recently.

Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland. This 160 km trail goes across Greenland, from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut. I had initially planned to hike ACT this summer, but it has been postponed. Hopefully I’ll get there next summer. I’ve planned  two weeks for the hike and traveling back and forth, but the trail itself should take somewhere between 7 to 12 days to complete.

John Muir Trail in Sierra Nevada, California. It’s been described as one of the most beautiful trails in the world. It’s a 338 km long trail and goes through Yosemite National Park, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sequoia National Park, King’s Canyon National Park and ends at Mount Whitney, the highest point in continental USA. My estimation is that it should take up to three weeks to complete.

Tasmania. I’ve read a couple of trip reports and seen videos from Tasmania, and sometime I’d like to hike here. I don’t have any specific trail in mind, but I’d really like to go here someday and hike for 2 to 3 weeks.

Thru-hiking Kungsleden in northern Sweden. The whole trail is 440 km long, from Hemavan in the south to Abisko in the north. I think it should take somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks to complete the whole trail, and I want to hike it north-bound.

I want to go to Alaska for 2 to 4 weeks, hiking and packrafting. As with Tasmania I don’t have a specific place in mind for now.

Colorado Trail is a 782 km long trail, and an estimation is that it takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. From blogs and videos it seems to be a beautiful trail.

Gröna- and vita bandet (The green- and white ribbon) from Grövelsjön, 1300 km to Treriksröset along the Scandinavian mountains. The plan is to hike the green ribbon and ski the white ribbon. It should take roughly 3 month each. I’m not overly fond of having to follow certain rules, so I might just do the hiking and skiing without actually applying and getting the ribbon.

Pacific Crest Trail When I found the hiking passion a couple of year ago I also first heard of the Pacific Crest Trail. The 4279 km long trail goes from the US-Mexico border, through California, Oregon and Washington to the US-Canada border. I’ve read several blogs, read Cheryl Strayeds “Wild” and watched countless of YouTube-videos about it, and I really want to get there. I think the hike itself should take somewhere between 4 to 6 months. Of course this will have to wait until my kids are grown up. But PCT is the number one favorite on my bucket list today.

Te Araroa is a relatively new trail, and it wasn’t finished until 2011. The trail is 3000 km long and goes along both the main islands on New Zeeland. 3 to 6 month is the estimated time to complete the trail. As with the PCT this is something that will have to wait a few years.

Please comment and let me know about your favorite hiking trails, that you’d either hiked or want to hike.

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