Coast to coast Sweden 2017

A couple of days ago I finally signed up for a part of Coast to coast Sweden. The event is a two-week hike, approximately 400 across Sweden, from Kalmar in the east to Varberg in the west. It was first introduced in 2013, and this year it’ll be from May 14 to May 27. One of the founders is Jörgen Johansson, who coined the expression three for three. 343 means that if you can get the three big items (carry, shelter and sleep system) down to 3 kg you’ve done the major part in lightening your pack.

I signed up for the weekend on May 20-21 and will join the others on Friday evening in Moheda, just north of Växjö. This part has its own Facebook page. The whole hike will cost you 3000 SEK and shorter parts, like the one I’ll be doing, cost 300 SEK per day. Here’s where you sign up.

I’ve never done a social hike like this before, but it’ll be a great experience. It’ll be fun to meet other lightweight hikers, and Jörgen will have some workshops on lightweight backpacking. I’m really looking forward to it, and for someone who mostly hike solo it’ll be something new for me.

6 thoughts on “Coast to coast Sweden 2017

  1. Brian Outdoors

    I didn’t know that Jörgen Johansson was one of the founders. I have read one of his books. Interesting … have fun.


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