New confessions from a gear junkie

Hi, my name is A. and I’m a gearoholic.

So I did it again. I ordered another piece of gear that I didn’t really need, but still wanted to get. A Tentipi Olivin.

My Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid 2 is a really great UL-tent for lightweight hiking trips where I hike all day and just sleep in the tent (ok, it’s big and comfortable to hang out in on a rainy trail day too) My Helsport Nordmarka 6 Lavvu is a great family tent for car camping trips.

But lately I’ve been looking into hot tent camping, especially during the colder seasons, and that’s where the Tentipi Olivin comes in. It’s a two-person tipi with a diameter of 280cm and a height of 170cm. The fabric is polyamide coated with silicone on both sides, it’s flame retardant, and unlike sil-nylon it doesn’t stretch or sag when it’s wet. I could have settled with the Nordmarka, but a 6 person Lavvu at ~5,7kg is both too big and too heavy for hiking solo. The Olivin weighs 1,8kg, so it’s far from lightweight. But that’s still 4kg lighter than the Nordmarka, and it has a more suitable size for solo trips.

You can have a small open fire inside, but I plan to buy a wood stove, like a Solo stove or a Toaks wood stove, that I can use inside the tent. If I like this tent it’ll probably be my go-to tent for solo canoe trips, bushcraft trips (as much as that can be done within the boundaries of Right of public access) and shorter cold weather trips.

I’ll post some pictures of it once I’ve received it and got it out in the woods.

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