Tent-modifications part 2

Part one is here.

The parts I ordered from extremtextil arrived this week. I tried to sew on my wifes sewing-machine but I really couldn’t get it to work. I’ve tried many times with different things, but it always ends up with a big pile of twisted thread. I decided to sew by hand instead. It might not be the most professional sewing, but it worked.

I didn’t get it to work with clips for the lower tiepoints of the innertent. I couldn’t get a good pitch, so I decided to keep using the small titanium-spikes, and settle with the three rings 50 cm up to get the inner to get a tighter pitch and the dryline.

The dryline, with the inner lowered.
The attachment-point on the right side of the tent
The attachment-point in the middle of the inner. The middle seem has been the one that sags the most.
The attachment-point on the left side of the tent

I wish I could’ve got the attachmentpoints to the fly to work good, so that I didn’t have to use extra spikes for the inner. But in all, I’m pleased with the result. I won’t have to worry about a sagging inner hanging down in my face anymore, and I have a line to dry my wet socks.

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