Cumulus Junior 250 – first impressions

I’ve been looking for a dedicated sleeping bag for my youngest daughter. She’s two years old, and I have bought cheap Aegismax quilts and sleeping bags for the rest of the family. But since C is a lot smaller, and basically the only family member that likes to join me in the woods (Outside of car camping), I thought I’d get her a dedicated kids sleeping bag.

The Cumulus Junior comes in two versions, the 150 and the 250, which states how much down it has in it. They both come with 700cuin down as standard. The 250 has a comfort temperature of 9°C. The fabric is made from 35g/m2 Pertex Quantum. I prefer the thicker 35g/m2 to the 27g/m2 that I have in my Quilt 350. Especially since it’ll be used by a kid that might not go so easy on the gear.

I made a custom order of the 250 with 850cuin down. This gives it an estimated comfort temperature of 5°C, according to Cumulus. With a thick fleece base layer I think it’ll be ok down to freezing. She has always slept really good outside, in her stroller, with just a thick base layer and a knitted wool blanket. I could also bring the Aegismax Wind Hard Tiny as an extra layer over the sleeping bag for insurance.


Since it was a custom order it took a few weeks for it to arrive. As with my other products from Cumulus it has a feeling of high quality, and it lofts up fine. There is a tag on the baffle along the zipper that states the cuin of the down. It comes with a small stuff sack, and a larger mesh storage bag.img_0490img_0491

In the foot end there’s a draw cord. You could stuff the lower end of the sleeping bag into itself, and close the draw cord. That way you get a shorter sleeping bag, with less air to heat up, that is suitable for smaller children.


Cumulus Junior 250

The weight of the sleeping bag is 520g. It suitable for kids up to 140cm.

As it is now I’m just waiting for the temperature to warm up a bit before I bring C along again. Winter still holds a firm grip of Sweden, and night temps dropped down to -16°C just a few nights ago. I don’t want to risk exposing her to those temps, and give her memories of he outdoors as the place where you’d freeze your ass off.

5 thoughts on “Cumulus Junior 250 – first impressions

  1. Very nice to read through this review.

    My son has grown up and his Fjall Raven sleeping bag is not fitting him anymore, so I will certainly need to search for an alternative for him.

    Having said that, some weeks ago, I have received two new goodies from Cumulus, the new Minilite and the new Incredilite Endurance with Hydrophobic down. Currently under heavy testing.

    Soon, I will post product reviews.


    1. I’m looking forward to the reviews. I bought the Incredilite Endurance last year, and I’m really happy with it. I haven’t used it in rain without a rain shell on yet, so I can’t say anything about the hydrophobic down or the Pertex Quantum Pro. But considering how much rain we have here, choosing the Endurance version was an easy choice.


      1. Antti

        Thanks for a good read! How is the long term experience? I’m looking for a sleeping bag for my two year old and this seems like a solid choice. I live in Southern Finland so the climate is pretty much same to yours, I think. Inspired by you, I sent Cumulus a request about the delivery time with 850cuin but I’m still waiting for their reply.


      2. My daughter is four years old now, and we still use it in the smaller mode. While she can be quite rough with her gear, it’s still in perfect condition. And with the light weight and small volume it perfect for when she gets old enough to start carrying parts of her own grart


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