First use of the Osprey Poco Plus

Last Monday I went on a short day hike with my wife and my youngest daughter. Earlier in 2016 I bought a used Osprey Poco Plus, and this was the first time I tried it.

We drove to Notteryd nature reserve just outside Växjö. My daughter really liked sitting in the Poco, at least as long as I kept moving. It was the first time for her in a child carrier.

At the entrance of the park

The temperatures where around freezing and there was some snow on the ground. We have been in Notteryd before when geocaching. It’s a pretty nice nature reserve, but a lot of trees in the reserve has fallen in storms.

Lot of fallen trees

In the reserve there are remnants of the old hillford Gripeberg. Archeologic investigations shows that the facility was mainly used during 1630-410 BC.

After a while we came to a fireplace, where we sat down and had some coffee. We continued back and passed a lean-to shelter about a hundred meters from the fireplace. There was supposed to be a geocach hidden there somewhere, and we looked for a while but couldn’t find it. Since we didn’t find the geocach we headed back to the car as we had to be back home by the time our son got home from school.

A smaller storage space in the back
The larger storage space at the bottom
Great support when you put it down

My initial thought of the Poco Plus is that it’s really comfortable. I only had it on for a couple of hours, but it felt good. My daughter felt secured, and there are stirrups on the side for when she gets taller. The carrier has built-in sun protection, a small storage space in the back, and a bigger storage space below the seat.

This was just a short test of the Poco Plus, but for now I’m pleased with it. I read a lot of reviews before I bought the child carrier, and the Osprey carriers always came up in the top.

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