My long absence from the blog

It’s been a long time since my last post, and I’ve hardly even thought about the blog for a while.

There’s been some reorganization at work, and theses last two months have been crazy. I’ve been more stressed out than in a long time, and have been to tired to think about the blog and write about the outdoors. A coworker compared our situation to the Greek mythology about Sisyphus punishment in the Underworld, where he for all eternity has to push a bolder up a mountain side and when he almost reach the top it keep rolling down again.

It’s in times like these that it’s more important to actually get outside to recharge and de-stress, but I haven’t had the time.

I had plans to get out this weekend, but other engagements came up, and I have to postpone it even further.

I don’t think my next trip will be a canoe trip since temperatures keeps dropping below freezing, but probably a camping trip pretty close to the car, with lots of food and a camp fire. It’s getting dark early this time of year, which means more time in camp.

When it comes to gear I bought a Tentipi Olivin earlier this fall, and I really came to like it. It’s heavier than my HMG Ultamid 2, but I actually liked it better, and it felt a lot cozier. I can shed weight by using trekking poles instead of the dedicated center pole.

Tentipi doesn’t make a floor for it, but I found a floor on AliExpress for a 3F UL Gear Cangyang 3 that has the same dimensions. It only cost me ~25€.

As for the canoe, one of the fiberglass seats, that already had a crack in it when I bought it, broke on my last trip. I made two wooden seats instead and used them instead of the fiberglass seats. The canoe is too heavy for me to use alone, and I would need the space in my basement for other things, so I’ve been saving up for a new canoe. I’ll sell this one and probably buy a Bergans Ally foldable canoe. It only weighs 18kg, and can be stored in its pack without taking up that much space.

When it comes to trips I’ve been planning next years trips, and I’ll do a 4-day trip at Halen-Raslången-Immeln in Blekinge and Scania in the early spring. It’ll be sort of a test run for longer canoe trips.

In summer I plan to go to Femundsmarka national park and do a weeklong canoe trip. I had planned to go to Greenland this summer, but I might postpone it again. I was away from my kids for two weeks this summer and I missed them too much.

Here’s my canoe camping pack list.

It’s a lot heavier than my regular UL pack list. Partly because of my heavier tent, but also because I bring more gear for cooking and an axe for campfires. Weight isn’t that much of an issue when canoe camping. But I still like to keep it down as much as possible without cutting down on comfort.

I hope I’ll get out on another trip soon. I can’t wait for the snow to fall, and I want to do a snowshoe hiking trip, but I’m also looking forward to spring and to be able to do longer canoe camping trips.

3 thoughts on “My long absence from the blog

  1. Brian Outdoors

    Welcome back … I was wandering what had happened to you.

    I’ll be doing a 3 day hike next weekend + Monday. I’ll be completing Skåneleden SL1. I’ve already completed SL3, so now I just have SL2, SL4 and SL5 to do.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing the Classic Sweden next year for my intro the the north of Sweden and then I hope to do my own solos up there after that exploring the many trails.

    Sounds like a good idea with the lighter canoe. I know that I couldn’t handle the other one by myself. I used to have a surf ski when I lived in Australia. It was easy to handle on my own, but you couldn’t really have any gear with you.

    Great to hear from you again!


    1. I’m impressed by your project of section hiking the entire Skåneleden. How many km do you have left after this weekend?
      When it comes to the Classic I think you’ll love the arctic north. It’s a beautiful vast rugged landscape, and you feel really small when you can see for tens of km ahead. I’d like to do the classic too one day, as I came to like social hiking with the C2C last spring, but at least the Swedish one will have to wait for another year.

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      1. Brian Outdoors

        After this weekend I have aprox. 577 km left, although some of SL4 we both have already hiked, aprox. 30 km (The Österlen circle). So I guess about 550 km left which is also half way for all the trails altogether. I have recorded that when I’m done then I have section hiked 1082 km in total. 🚶


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